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"The Fun Doesn't Stop!" -Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

"Monstrous!" -Guitar Player Magazine.


"They are phenomenal. Completely change everything. It's like having an entirly new instrument in your hands!"

-John Lancon


This UNIVERSAL PARTIAL CAPO lets you capo each string individually.

  • Play hundreds of tunings without detuning the guitar.
  • For Acoustic, Electric, Classical-all makes & models.
  • Capo all 6 strings like a regular capo with fine tuning per string!
  • Play all the bar chords and guitar riffs you already know and still have open tuning.
  • Play melodies with open string accompaniment
  • Change guitar tunings in live performance.
  • Mini SpiderCapo is for Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, and Bouzuki.

    XXL SpiderCapo: up to 8 Strings! Electric Bass, 7 String Guitar & exotic guitars up to 2&1/2 inches neck width.

  • NEW!! Harmonik Mutes!

    Natural Harmonics, Fingered Notes!

    Mute, Semi-Mute, Selected Strings!


  • “The potential for genuinely new tonal applications is virtually limitless.”
    — Guitarist Magazine

  • “I've been using your capo and it's fantastic! I think it offers a completely new perspective on the guitar.” —Julian Lage, guitarist with Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing, Gary Burton's Generations Band, and the Julian Lage Group

  • “It works equally well on both electric and acoustic” … “the fact that such an item actually does what its associated literature boasts it does is a pleasant surprise.”
    Guitarist Magazine

  • “Adjusting to the Spider Capo was no trickier than trying out a different style of pick.”
    Downbeat Magazine


"Each SpiderCapo is
guaranteed free of defects”

Peter Einhorn, CEO, Creative Tunings Inc.
The complete partial capo.
Patent # 7,563,969


          Creative Tunings – Maker of the SpiderCapo alternative tunings capo.

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