Spider Capo
The XXL SpiderCapo:
capo for 6 String Bass and more
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“My SpiderCapo arrived in the
mail yesterday. Everything looks and works great. It's exactly what
I wanted it to be. Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism.” — Erik S.


The XXL SpiderCapo & the Custom Shop


XXL SpiderCapo on Electric BassThe XXL SpiderCapo is for wider necked instruments. It includes 8 Fingers for up to 8 Strings.

Instruments include, but are not limited to, 5 & 6 String Electric Bass, full length Concert Classical Guitar, 7 & 8 String & exotic Guitars.FINGERBOARD WIDTH: 46-68mm (1,9/16 - 2,11/16 inch)

[Note: the packaging erroneously states a maximum of only 2 inches]

For even wider necks like a 10 String Classical, or the “War” guitar, custom made sizes are available.

Please email us at spidercapo@gmail.com


We will be posting videos of the XXL SpiderCapo on various instruments, so keep watching this page!